About Okeechobee


The City of Okeechobee’s charm and quaint atmosphere will call you in and after you experience our genuine love for our community and polite citizens, will draw you to stay.  Our hospitality is welcoming and heartfelt.  Our City has a Police Department, Fire Department, and Public Works Department, as well as an Administrative arm.  Each of these departments are filled with qualified and caring individuals that make Okeechobee a home and echo its charming call that our current residents, and visitors alike, experience.    

At City Hall you will be welcomed with a smile, willing and eager to assist you.  From obtaining a building permit from our building official or meeting with the city clerk for a records request to meeting with our administrator on an upcoming project, our family will gladly walk you through each step.  We strive to service the public in an efficient and friendly manner no matter what the request.

Okeechobee is awaiting your business and development ventures as well.   We are centrally located and within a two-hour drive of 75% of Florida population; are in close proximity to both global and domestic seaports; and have rail access.  We are at the forefront for development with our lower land costs, lack of impact fees, and an environment conducive for growth.  We welcome your business and industry to our area and want to extend our hands to help both of us grow smarter together. 

We call each other “Family” at the City among all departments and truly believe in its meaning.  We will continue to work with each other, each citizen, and each visitor to make sure they feel the same. 

So, sit back, sip a sweet tea, and take a refreshing and quiet break.  You will understand why more and more folks and businesses are calling Okeechobee home.