Mission Statement

To ensure adequate and efficient provision of services to the citizens to better protect the health, welfare, safety, and quality of life of the residents.


The City Administrator is responsible for:

  • Carrying out the directive and policies established by the City Council.
  • Ensuring all laws and acts of the City Council subject to enforcement by the Administrator are faithfully executed.
  • Preparing and submitting the annual budget, budget message, and capital outlay program, and supervise and administer all phases of the budgetary process.
  • Making such reports as the City Council may require concerning the operation of City departments, offices, and agencies and organize and oversee the operation of said departments, offices, and agencies.
  • Negotiating leases, contracts, and other agreements including consultant services for the City subject to approval of the City Council and see that all terms and conditions of the same are performed as required and notify the Council of any noted violation.
  • Providing leadership and direction to department employees for the safe and efficient cares of the City’s facilities, inventory, equipment and infrastructures.
  • Keeping the City Council fully advised as to the financial conditions and future needs of the City and to make such recommendations concerning the affairs and operation of the City.


We strive for positive growth in our community for the safety and welfare of our residents and to accommodate the future needs and improvements of the City. Together, we shall make every effort to improve the needs of our community and respond quickly and effectively towards a better place to enjoy our beautiful hometown atmosphere of old values and new visions.

Contact Information

Gary Ritter

Gary Ritter
City Administrator
(863) 763-9811

Jacqueline Boer
Executive Assistant
(863) 763-9812